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Biotechnology Department

Dr Lisam Shanjukumar Singh
Designation :
Professor & Head
Specialization :
Cancer Biology & Molecular Biology
email : /
Highest Degree :
Ph D
Honours/Awards :
  1. Achievement for Excellence in Cancer Research (2006)- Indiana University, Indianapolis, USA
  2. Innovation award for "Development of a MetScholars for the Inhibition of Metastasis"(2004) -The Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, USA

Brief Bio-Sketch

Dr Lisam Shanjukumar Singh received Ph.D. degree from North Eastern Hill University (NEHU), Shillong in Biochemistry in 1998 after getting M.Sc. degree from Poona University, Pune in Biochemistry. He did his post-doctoral research in Cancer and Molecular Biology in USA from 1999 to 2009. He returned to India as the founder Head and established the Department of Biotechnology, Manipur University in 2009.

During his post-doctoral research work in USA, he has discovered a new metastasis suppressor gene. Later, he and his colleagues have developed OGR1 knockout mice and demonstrated that OGR1 plays critical role in tumor microenvironment. He also discovered an intronless version of gene for Casein kinase2 catalytic subunit.

Currently his research team focuses at understanding the molecular mechanism of cancer metastasis, nasopharyngeal cancer, lung cancer, finding of anticancer phyto-compounds and HIV molecular epidemiology of Manipur.